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Throughout my career I have been writing music that can be used in local church worship. I have designed this website to provide hymns, gospel songs, and praise choruses that can be used in worship. There are many new songs that you will want to review. There are also some previously published hymns and also some anthems that are now in a hymn format. You can view each song on the pages in which you are interested. Then you can download them for FREE (If your church is a member of CCLI).

Check back often! I will be adding new songs to the website on a regular basis. You can look at the Home Page to view all Recent Compositions. Then if you are interested in them you can find them on the appropriate page, view them and download them. I will also let you know when I have any new anthems being published by a church music publisher.

My prayer is that you will find some songs that you can use in your worship services that will be a blessing to the people in your congregation. There are a variety of music styles from which to choose and the lyrics will always be meaningful.

Please let me know if any of these hymns, gospel songs, or praise choruses is helpful to you in your ministry. You can send me a note on the Contact Mark page. Your comments will help me to know what I should write and post on the website in the future. Thank you for coming to the website and may the Lord bless your music ministry!

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