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Mark Blankenship is a music minister, composer, arranger, orchestrator, music leader, former publisher director, and worship specialist. His ministry career spans over 47 years. His ministry career began in Texas and occupied several states before his current place of ministry in Franklin, TN.

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Hide Me, Lord - All true believers experience the desire and need for the protection of the loving Father's care as they walk their daily road in this earthly life.
God is Faithful - This simple statement and response chorus reminds us of God's daily faithfulness to all His children.
Worship the King - This new chorus is an encouragement to worship the Lord with our praise, our songs, and our adoration, for He alone is worthy of our worship and praise.
Children of God - A simple lyric and melody based on scriptures from 1 John.
Forgiven - God's amazing forgiveness is available to every person who trusts in Jesus Christ as personal Savior.
God Is So Faithful - God's faithfulness can be described in so many different ways.
Grace to You - This familiar chorus is based on the familiar benedictions of Paul's letters in the New Testament.
I Will Praise You - A praise song based on Psalm 9.
In the Family of God - A fellowship chorus describing the bonding together of God's people.
In the Presence of the Lord - Wonderful joy, peace, and love will always be experienced in God's presence.
Walk in the Spirit of Love - "As you have received the Lord Jesus, so walk you in Him."
Where the Spirit of the Lord Is - The Spirit of the Lord gives us special blessings as we walk with Him.
You Alone - There is only one God, and we should seek to be like his Son Jesus Christ every day that we live.

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Choral Service Music - Calls to Worship

Fill This House
Holy God
Love Came Down at Christmas
O Magnify the Lord

Choral Service Music - Anthems

He Died of a Broken Heart

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