Permission is granted to download any of the PDF files and to print them for church usage.

There are two requirements for this privilege. The first is to complete the form with your name, your church's name and your email address, and check the appropriate box. The second requirement is that your church has a print license agreement with Christian Copyright License Incorporated (CCLI).

If you do not have such an agreement with CCLI, you are required by law to contact each individual copyright holder (generally a publisher) and obtain a print license agreement for each separate copyrighted song. Downloading and printing copyrighted material without a print license agreement is illegal, including all the music on this web site.

Contact information for CCLI can be found at

Church or Publisher Name
Email Address
CCLI Membership
By checking this box and viewing the music, I am attesting that I have a print license agreement with CCLI. If I do not have an agreement, by law I am not allowed to view/download the music.


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